Johanna K.

January 03rd, 2014

So good! I love to get delivery from here- but they also have wifi at the restaurant!
Yum their ranch is really good with white pizza + spinach.
Their cheesy bread is the best bang for your buck!

Kimberly B.

May 06th, 2013

This pizza place is right near my apartment, so it's incredibly convenient. It's also delicious!!! The ranch is so good. I always ask for extra. They are also very nice. Once they messed up my order and never cooked it. Two hours later I called and they were very apologetic and brought me my order free of charge. It is not my favorite pizza place in the city, but for the price and type of pizza I'm looking for on an everyday pizza hunt, it's definitely the best!

Mary B.

May 07th, 2012

I regularly order delivery from Palermo and think that they make the best pizza in the East End. I find the crust often a bit underdone, but a few minutes in the oven at home and the base of the crust crisps up to my ideal. My personal favorite is a white pie with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and Fontinella. The breadsticks are also tasty (especially with garlic sauce) and the fried zucchini also has a great flavor. the service is always prompt and the late hours are great.

Jason R.

January 20th, 2012

Very good pizza at a very reasonable price! I got mine to go, but they have ample seating and located on a nice corner lot. Two big screen tv's to enjoy the games or news while you wait or eat. Restroom was clean and had an open stall and stand up urinal, but with a locking door. I bought a huge XL pepperoni pie for under $14.00 tax included. We leave here Tuesday and will probably get another pie before we do. Also the pies come with a container of house made ranch dressing that was great for dipping the bones in. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

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